5 Easy Steps to Link Facebook Page and Group πŸ’œπŸ’œ

I'm going to make this tutorial quick and easy! I will explain exactly how to Link your Page and Group (photos included). Let's jump right in! [Desktop View Only]Β  1. Go to your Page. You want to find (or add) a Groups tab, which you will find on the left hand side of your page. [...]

FEAR is a Liar!

Guest post Written by Jenny Rodrigues Founder of Together, Not Alone ❀️ What is FEAR? Why do we have fear? Where does this fear come from? Why suffer with fear? These are all question we tend to ask ourselves, agreed? Well I ask myself these questions all the time, and even when knowing the answer we [...]

Practice the PAUSE

Hey! I have a simple yet exciting topic I'd like to share with you! As you can see from the above, the topic is Practice the Pause. Let me explain what I mean by this. Read on... πŸ™‚ Today, our negative emotions are one our greatest downfalls. It’s so unfortunate that we live in a [...]

How to Engage your Audience

How to Engage your Audience

Hey! πŸ™‚ As you already know... Social Media platforms have become the worlds fastest growing networks! They have also become most entrepreneurs BEST friend(s)! Crazy right? I know! Of course, working your business OFFLINE is amazing and definitely works for some. But many people are shifting gears towards learning and understanding new methods to using [...]

Get Organized

Believe me when I say this... I know how hard time management is. Being a mom and running a small business from home isn't always a walk in the park, to say the least! It's ALWAYS a challenge. Balancing life + work is something most moms struggle with in general. I know that if you [...]

6 Ways to Become the Best Leader You Can Be

Leadership means different things to different people around the world, and different things in different situations. For example, it could relate to community leadership, religious leadership, political leadership, and leadership of campaigning groups. This blog post focuses on the individual leadership relative to Network Marketing Professionals and Small Business Owners. 6 Ways to Become the [...]

Unsupportive Spouses

Soooo, this isn't a topic a lot of people like to discuss. It makes us all feel this wave of negativity that surrounds us uncomfortably. It shouldn't be that way. We should be able to accept whatever comes our way and master multiple methods on how to comfortably move on and carry on with what [...]