[#TruthBeTold] Why I use aWeber for Biz

Hey:) I have literally been around town and back trying to find the best web platform and email marketing system for my biz! I have done what most people do and tried all free offers first! While I spent the last two years, researching and trying these softwares out myself, I have finally and officially [...]

Rainy Days

Guest Post by Jennifer Rodrigues, Together Not Alone Rainy days.... what is the first thought that comes to your head when you think rainy days? I could probably name some...... Ugh my plans are ruined πŸ™‰ Mood changer 😩 Depressing πŸ˜” Staying indoors 😒 Messy 😳 My hair πŸ™‰ Am I correct? I guess that’s [...]